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Orca Global

A multi-strategy crypto hedge fund

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Orca Global is a hedge fund manager aiming to provide superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors by applying professional risk management to deep domain expertise across digital assets. 

Our flagship multi-strategy fund is an all-in-one investment product that gives investors multi-facted exposure to the rapidly growing crypto industry. 

Fundamental : Capturing idiosyncratic alpha

Systematic: Uncorrelated quantitative strategies 


Who We Are

Why Crypto?

Crypto is quickly becoming a crucial asset class in a global portfolio

Asset for Future Generations

Crypto is a product of a loss of trust
in the financial system. Not only does it represent the new digital age, but it also has real use cases for people in countries with untrustworthy institutions and limited access to financial services.

Portfolio Diversification & Boost

Crypto is in the process of evolving into a fundamentally driven asset class, with synchronous benefits of anti-establishment trust and has proved to boost risk-adjusted returns in traditional portfolios.

We Are Early

Industries take decades to mature and the applications of this fundamental technological innovation are still just scratching the surface. This tectonic shift is only just beginning and the new digital age is inevitable.

About Us
The Team

Isaac M

Isaac is co-founder and Managing Partner. Previously, Isaac was a Portfolio Manager at Dymon Asia Capital, trading G10/Asia foreign exchange and equity derivatives. Isaac also has experience as an execution trader for Dymon’s CEO and CIO. Prior to macro trading, Isaac researched blockchain technologies for Dymon Asia Ventures (now Integra Partners). 

Rick M

Rick is co-founder and Managing Partner. Previously, Rick was at J.P. Morgan New York on the FX forwards and rates trading desk, while also involved in managing risk for the e-commerce/algo book. Rick has been actively trading crypto since 2015, and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from New York University. 

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Safety of Assets

Counterparty Risk Mitigation

  • Due diligence on trading venues

  • Strict counterparty limits 

  • Automated protocols for full portfolio unwinds


Asset Protection

  • Multi-signature approvals required for all transactions

  • Signatures generated via encrypted hardware devices

  • Routine password updates via in-house generators

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