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Orca Global

A crypto-native advisory firm.

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Founded in 2021, Orca Global is a crypto-native advisory firm operating across Singapore and Japan. 

We leverage our industry-wide network, particularly in Asia, to assist protocols and business particularly in the early-stages of their life-cycle with cost-effective solutions.

Given our origins as a digital assets hedge fund and our backgrounds in TradFi, our expertise is in the intersection of crypto and finance: DeFi, trading, collateral management, etc. 


Beyond advisory services, we also offer M&A services for Web 3 companies. 


Who We Are

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The Team

Isaac M

Isaac is co-founder and currently an investor at SNZ Capital. Previously, Isaac co-ran a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund with co-founder Rick for over 2 years. Before that, Isaac was a Portfolio Manager at Dymon Asia Capital, trading G10/Asia foreign exchange and equity derivatives. Prior to macro trading, Isaac researched blockchain technologies for Dymon Asia Ventures (now Integra Partners). 

Rick M

Rick is co-founder and currently a researcher/investor at Presto Labs. Previously, Rick co-ran a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund with co-founder Isaac for over 2 years. Before crypto, Rick was at J.P. Morgan New York on the FX forwards and rates trading desk, while also involved in managing risk for the e-commerce/algo book. Rick has been actively trading crypto since 2015, and holds a B.S. in Computer Science from New York University. 

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"Orca Global has consistently provided essential feedback for Laevitas. A lot of their inputs come from their tradfi background and they have been an important voice for key business strategy decisions." - Hassen, Founder of Laevitas.

Laevitas is a leading analytics provider in crypto that specialises in derivatives and an ongoing client from Feb 2022.

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